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The Smart TV Base will increase your comfort when watching TV, or it will be a good gift to your relatives or friends.

No longer will you have to choose a place so that the screen can be clearly seen, the Smart TV Base will do it yourself.

The purpose of the  Smart Base for TV (hereinafter -the stand) is to enhance user convenience in watching TV. This standprovides a permanent position of screen TV is turned towards to the user, regardless from what in which part of the room he is  located. This Smart TV Baseis patented and unlike available today swivel TV stand  does not require direct physical impact onit for turn. Depending on desire, user can to do so automatically,or semi-automatically(one-time mode) ,or via remote control (RC). Consider these three options in more detail.

  1. To enable the automatic one-time mode,the user has to press the appropriate button“A”on the remote control. At this point there will be a one-time correction of the TV position, based on where the current user location is. If in the room at this moment will be a few people, then the standwill turn the TV so that his screen was converted into a medium position in relation to them. In this position, the TV will stand until the user presses this or other a button. If the user again presses the same button, then again there will be a one-time correction of the position of the TV as described for this mode.
  2. For use automatic permanent mode, need press the corresponding button“B”on the remote control. Stand will constantly rotate the TV, so that its screen was converted towards the user.If there will be more than one viewer in the room, the stand will automatically detect the farthermost viewers, and will put the TV in the position so that its screen being pointing to the center of the group of the viewers. Thus it makes the TV screen pretty visible to all the present viewers. This mode will run until the user presses any other button on the remote control.
  3. For rotate of TV using the remote control,it has button «<»for turn TV to left, and button «>» for turn TV toright. If you press any oneof them, the TV will rotate in the corresponding direction until it will be hold.

Also on the rear wall of the standthere is a push button of “learning mode”. This mode is designed to allow the user to have the opportunity, if necessary, limit the turning angle of the TV in one direction or another. Initially (default) in astandestablished the possibility of rotatable in one or the other side from the center position by 90 degrees.  A total rotational angle is 180 degrees. However, the user can limit ithaving made some steps in accordance with the user manual.Also there is the “rotation speed controller”knob on the back of the stand. Using it, the user can select the TV turning speed to be extended to all of the above modes.

Input of Power Supply Voltage / Frequency 100~240VAC 50 / 60H
Output Power Supply / Input of TV Base 12v DC
Designed TV Plasma, LCD, LED, Flat Screen Panel from 13” to 55”, weight to 100 Lb.
The distance between the mounting holes horizontally from 75mm to 400mm; vertically from 75mm to 400 mm.
Rotational speed adjustable from 3 rpm to 6 rpm
Sensing distance 30 feet
Consumer power sleep / active mode 0.2W / 2W
Rotating 180 degree
Material steel
Base size 2 Inches Height, 12 Inches Diameter

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