Description of the Product

The purpose of the TV Smart stand (hereinafter – the base) is to enhance user comfort while watching TV. Thanks to the base, the TV set is always directed towards the viewer, in any corner of the room. 


This TV Smart base is patented and unlike available today swivel TV stand does not require direct physical impact on it for turn. Depending on desire, user can to do so automatically, or semi-automatically (one-time mode) , or by a remote control (RC). Look at these 3 options, described in more details:

1. To enable the automatic one-time modea viewer needs to press the “A” button on the remote control, that initiates a one-time correction of the TV position based on a viewer’s location. 
2. If there are several persons in the room at the same moment, the base will pick the medium position in relation to them and turn the TV set. The TV will freeze in this position till a viewer prefers to change it manually by pressing a button. If a viewer presses the same button again, there comes again a one-time correction of the position of the TV set as described for this mode.


3. In order to use the automatic permanent modea viewer needs to press the “B” button on the remote control. The base will rotate the TV, so that its screen keeps turning towards a viewer.. If there is more than one viewer in the room, the stand will automatically detect the most distant viewers, anadjust the TV  so that its screen is directed towards the central point of the group of viewers. Thus it makes the TV screen pretty visible to all the viewers. This mode will run until viewer presses any other button on the remote control.


4. To rotate the TV set using a remote control, press a button «<» to turn a TV set to the left, and button «>» to turn TV set to the right. If you press any of those buttons, the TV set will be rotating in the corresponding direction while you keep the buttons held. 

On the rear wall of the base, there is a push button to activate the “learning mode”. This mode is designed to allow the viewer to have an opportunity, if necessary, to limit the turning angle of the TV in one direction or another. Initially (by default) in a base couldrotate 90 degrees in one or the other side from the central position.  A total rotational angle is 180 degrees. However, a viewer can limit it activating procedures described in the User’s Manual. 

Also there is “rotation speed controller” knob on the back of the base. Using it, a viewer can select the TV turning speed to be extended to all of the above modes.

In addition to this, there is still a mode of disposable is called by pressing the button “A” on the remote control. When pressed this button, happens disposable correction TV position correction on the basis of the provisions of the individual (s) in the room at that moment. This position saved indefinitely, or until you click on this, or any other button.

Smart TV Base TELERO

In addition, you can rotate a TV set either to the left by clicking on the button«<», or to the right by clicking on the button «>» on the remote control. When you stop pressing a button, a TV set will freeze to remain in the selected position , until you prefer to click on this or any other button to change the position.


Smart TV Base TELERO

If a TV set’s own base does not exceed the size of the TELERO TV Smart Basethen a TV set can be mounted directly on the top of the stand. To make it, use the two-sided adhesive tape, supplied in the box.

Smart TV Base TELERO

When using pillar from the set of  TV Smart Base TELERO, it is attached to the back of the TV using the existing screws supplied.

Smart TV Base TELERO

TELERO TV Smart Base can be mounted on the wall. To do it – use the bracket, supplied in the box.

For control  TV Smart Base TELERO in contents of delivery there is the remote control (RC). It can be used both separately, or attached to the remote control of TV double-sided adhesive tape which is available in the sales package.