Investment Prospects and Opportunities (based on Calculations)

How the  INVESTOR DIVIDENDS are calculated  (with justification).

According calculations, the dividends per one share will to $550 000 (2500%) per annum.

We recently launched the innovative product, called the Smart TV Base, and are currenty selling shares at a relatively low price to create the working capital.

Smart TV Base is a device that eliminates a drawback any TV set has. The Base automatically turns a TV set  so a viewer can perfectly see a screen from any corner of the room, any positionhe is located in the room. If a viewer moves to another place, the base will automatically turn a TV set towards him, 'catching his eye'.  If another person appears in the room, the base will turn the screen in the medium position between the two persons. So that both feel comfortable watching TV.

To evaluate the investor’s prospects, please assess the approximate calculation of dividends given below.

Considering that the number of people in the developed countries is about 2 billion, the number of TV sets and therefore potential buyers there is about 1 billion. Then comes simple math:

The production cost of 1 product item is about $70, as the manufacturing process of samples revealed. All other costs, including transportation, administrative expenses, warranty  and taxes, constitute circa the same amount, i.e. about $70. Therefore, all costs are approximately $140. The estimated sales price (accroding to the marketeers) is in the range of 200 to 300 dollars. If we take the mean, i.e. $250, then the  expected profit from one sold item is $110.

If we assume  0.1% of the population in the developed countries will buy a Smart TV Base, it is 1 in 1,000 potential buyers (although the survey showed a much larger figure), this brings 1 million sales per year. Consequently, the company’s annual revenue is expected to be $110 million, and dividends per share (all issued at registration of the company 200) will accordingly be $500,000. If you transfer to interest, the dividends will be 2,500% per annum.

At first glance, the amount of dividends is unrealistically large compared to initial investments, however, it is not exaggerated at all.  It's unversally known, that investments in innovation bring fantastic dividends, usually hundreds, and sometimes thousands of per cent per year. In addition, Smart TV Base is a product of mass demand. Here's a historic example of the ratio between the price of a company's primary shares and dividends:: when Google was  just being created, its founder , Sergey Brin,  offered  the office cleaning lady a share of the company. She agreed. Soon she became a multimillionaire.

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