About Us

The “Robosander Corp.” company was founded in 2009 in New York City to create and develop innovative products that are capable of changing the life of the humanity to the better.

The first big thing developed by the company staff was a multifunctional robot designed to process and renovate hardwood floors. We coped with this task successfully! Watch the video and learn how Robosander works: www.robotsander.com.

Another idea we brought to the table was sparked by a surprising fact that all of the TV sets produced in decades – since the TV was actually invented – have not been robotized enought to catch the viewer's eye. So we invented a Smart TV Base, which makes watching TV way comfortable: thanks to the gadget, the TV Set rotates accordingly to the viewer's motion. The Smart TV Base was patented in the USA, with the potential interntional patent to be obtained. Watch the video featuring the Smart TV Base:…